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Rocket Parachute Flare
Categories:Marine signal,MOB & Line throwing
Name:Rocket Parachute Flare
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Quick details:

Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland) 

Brand Name: HYPRO 

Model Number: Rocket Parachute Flare 

Properties: Rocket Parachute Flare 

Type: Rocket Parachute 

Kind: Marine Rocket Parachute Flare 

Luminors intensity period: 30000cd 

Ambient temperature for use and storage: -30~+65°C
Validity period: 3 years 

Color of flare: Red 

Launching height: ≥300m


Packaging and delivery:

Packaging Details: Box or container

Delivery Detail: According to the quantity our customer need



1.Marine Rocket Parachute Flare ,Rocket Parachute Flare
2.Rocket Parachute Flare
3.Rocket Parachute



Main Specification of Rocket Parachute Flare

1. Luminors intensity/period:30000cd
2. Flare time :40s
3.Ambient temperature for use and storage:-30oC~+65°C
4.Validity period:3 years
5. Color of flare :Red
6. Launching height :≥300m

Overview Rocket Parachute Flare

1.Ignited by pulling line hided in the safety cov
2.Used to fit in the liferafts,for people who in danger to get help
3.In accordance with 1996 aendments[LSA] Code to SOLAS 1974
4.CCS certificate and EC certificate is available.


Application Field of Rocket Parachute Flare 
1.Marine Navigation rescue for SOS calling
2.Equipped at Lifesaving raft to comply with regulation of SOLAS

3.Open sea suffering to call help

rocket parachute flare


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